Karen Lobo-Morell - Personal Trainer

As a level 3 personal trainer, exercise referral instructor, senior fitness specialist and Nordic Walking coach I work with many women going through their menopause years. I developed this programme alongside the other wonderful ladies listed below to try and help as many women as possible (who like me have reached that time of their lives) to enjoy their menopause years rather than dread them. It’s a natural stage of life and there are many things you can do for yourself to feel fitter, healthier and stronger so you can be in the best shape possible to live a happy fulfilling life and limit the symptoms and health risks in the post-menopausal years. Fitness is my passion and I am here to tell you it doesn’t matter how old you are, or what your level of fitness is, you can always improve your strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. Over the years I have paid more and more attention to my nutrition while working alongside registered nutritional therapist Melissa Smith who has taught me so much, which is why I am delighted she is part of The Change Plan team. Making changes to your diet and moving more can massively improve your quality of life and health and help you tackle many of the symptoms we associate with the menopause.



Melissa Smith – Registered Nutritional Therapist

As a Registered Nutritional Therapist my passion for nutrition and the power of diet and lifestyle changes to improve health has been with me since childhood. Having resolved my own health issues I took the decision to retrain as a Nutritional Therapist to share that passion with others and help them to overcome their own health challenges. I bring that personal lens to The Change Plan, being no stranger to menopause myself! My transition happened early on, very quickly, but it didn’t protect me from experiencing a variety of related symptoms. Thankfully I was able to turn to diet and other natural health options to deal with these to significantly reduce their severity and impact. As well as running my own clinic in Alton in Hampshire I work for the Alliance for Natural Health protecting and promoting natural and sustainable healthcare.



Sophie Rossell – Yoga Instructor

My journey with yoga began in my early 20’s. At first I attended classes on and off, trying different styles of Yoga and different teachers. My curiosity then grew as I started to feel the benefits that it brought to not only my body but also how it calmed and quietened my mind.

At certain points in my life, yoga became my support system, providing me with the time and self-love that we are all so guilty of avoiding, especially at times of change in our lives.

Yoga is a union of the body and mind, of movement and breath and can teach you to listen to your body and make a real connection with how you feel and what you need.

Breath work in yoga can be extremely powerful with calming the nervous system and slowing our pace down. With times of heightened and changing hormones, breathwork, movement and mindfulness in yoga can act as a huge benefit to our wellbeing.

I made the move to start teaching yoga as I wanted to share not only my knowledge but the feeling I get from when I practise yoga myself. The feeling of freedom, of calmness and a real connection with my body. I decided to leave my hectic lifestyle in London and travel to India to study Yoga, the birthplace of Yoga. I was taken on an intense journey that taught me discipline, structure and how to truly connect with yourself. I undertook teachings from some wonderfully experienced teachers that were filled with ancient knowledge.

I now teach yoga to an array of beautiful individuals from all walks of lives with all different levels of experience in Yoga, many of them being complete beginners to their practice. I will be taking you through a series of asanas (postures) from Hatha yoga that I hope will enable you to take some time out for yourself, to let go, to relax and to take care of your body and your mind. I hope you will enjoy! Namaste.

Follow Sophie on Instagram @sophie_rossell


Kerrie Ellis – Image Consultant

Kerrie Ellis is an award winning image consultant, stylist and trainer who just loves to help people to choose clothes that both express their personality and enable them to look and feel confident. Over the last 13 years, she has advised hundreds of clients from all walks of life and ranging in age from 13-84, on how to dress to make the most of their natural colouring, shape, lifestyle and budget.

Kerrie has a warm and friendly approach and understands how confidence can ebb and flow at different points in our lives. Having a wardrobe full of clothes that fit, flatter and function makes the daily task of getting dressed each morning a positive one … plus saves both time and money too!



Carolyne Cross – Beauty Therapist and Aesthetician

Carolyne has worked in the beauty industry for more than 30 years, is the Founder & MD of the Omni Academy of Beauty & Aesthetics and Omni The:Salon based in Walton on Thames, Surrey.

With approximately 300 students passing through the academy each year and entering the world of beauty, education and realistic client expectations are fundamental to the Omni training and delivery of treatments.

Her extensive experience ranges from working in salons, spa’s, cruise ships, TV & radio shows, but one of Carolyne’s highlights was her role as chairman of Babtac (British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology) and Cibtac (Confederation of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology) which enable her to participate in government discussions about standards in the ever changing beauty and aesthetic industry.



Julie Acott - Hypnotherapist

Simply put I love working with people and I am told that I’m a good listener. These two factors led me to train as a clinical solution focused hypnotherapist. I work collaboratively with clients using talking therapies to address underlying issues and then enable them to focus on how they want things to be in the future

Hypnotherapy is quite ordinary, just a deep state of relaxation which often happens when you are absorbed by a task like watching tv, going for a jog or whilst cooking. During my therapeutic session hypnosis can be like guided daydreaming, however your mind is in a focused state of attention and more open to suggestion and this helps bring about positive changes.

The menopause is a time of change not just in your body but in your mind too. Whilst hypnotherapy cannot magic away the menopause it can help you cope with anxiety, stress and sleep problems all of which can make the symptoms of the menopause worse. It can also increase your ability to cope, help control panic attacks and improve your self-esteem. Hypnotherapy can help you manage this chapter in your life.


Monika Mateja - Health Coach & Wellness Chef

As a certified Health Coach and Wellness Chef I am passionate about helping women, especially in their forties, to achieve their full potential and live a healthy and conscious life. My signature program – Total 90 Day Energy Transformation – Intensive is designed to help women find more energy in life to do what they love and prepare them for their menopausal years. My Wellness Chef qualification allows me to work with women to design healthy and full of flavour plant-based menus that they will love to prepare and eat. I am passionate about evidence-based nutrition research, a no-nonsense approach to exercise and a life aligned with values and a sense of purpose.



Jane Simpson – Continence specialist & Author

I have had my own private practice at the London Clinic in Harley Street for the past 22 years where I treat women and men of all ages with incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction.  I have a special interest in stress incontinence, overactive bladder and urge incontinence, vaginal prolapse, pregnancy and childbirth, the menopause and sex and the pelvic floor.  I am the author of a book called The Pelvic Floor Bible.

After training as a nurse at Addenbrookes’ Hospital, Cambridge, I went on to become a district nursing sister.  I then became a Continence Nurse Specialist in the NHS, and began lecturing and training other healthcare professionals in the management of incontinence.

I am a member of The Pelvic Floor Society, The Association for Continence Advice, The International Continence Society, The British Association of Urological Nurses and The Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland.

Follow Jane on Instagram @jane_thepelvicfloorbible


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