Feel like the menopause is making you lose control of your body? Getting harder to keep the weight off or feeling anxious and tired due to interrupted sleep? Getting hot flushes and night sweats that make you feel like you might spontaneously combust? Been to the doctors and they offered you HRT without explaining what is happening to you or how you might be able to manage your menopause symptoms naturally? Now you are not really sure where to go for reliable and practical information and support? Yep, I know how you feel!

Ladies, it’s time to start a menopause movement.

My name is Karen and I’m a 48 year old fitness and nutrition coach on a mission to help ladies, like myself, experiencing changes in their body to take back control and regain their strength, wellbeing and confidence by creating a unique online programme specifically tailored to women like YOU. I have worked as a personal trainer with lots of women in their mid 40-60s and as you develop a close relationship with clients they talk to you about personal issues. The menopause, or should I say the symptoms, often come up and I began to realise that these conversations often only take place behind closed doors because women don’t feel like they can speak freely about this time of their life and the challenges it brings.

But who wants to suffer in silence when there are millions of women around the world going through the very same physical and mental symptoms you are feeling right now? It’s a natural part of the ageing process and it’s time for us to get the menopause out in the open and support one another.

The Change Plan is an exercise, nutrition and lifestyle programme designed to guide and support women to look and feel their best during the menopausal years.

Working alongside a fantastic group of ladies including a registered nutritional therapist, yoga teacher, hypnotherapist, beauty therapist, health coach and wellness chef and an image consultant I have created The Change Plan to make it as easy as possible for you to master your menopause in every part of your life, as naturally as possible.

So join us on this journey to discover how you can use a range of tools to limit your symptoms, because everyone’s menopause years are different. Some people can stay in peri menopause (the time when your ovaries gradually begin to make less oestrogen) for up to 10 years and others sail through their menopause and beyond with few issues (lucky them!). And, as we are all busy with work and family commitments, often putting other people first, it’s hard to find the time to seek out the information you need. If you want to make sustainable lifestyle changes that last then the key is to introduce small adjustments over time, not all at once so that it becomes overwhelming and you feel like a failure when you can’t cope.

The foundations of this plan are nutrition and exercise, get those right and you will start to address many of the issues that are top of women’s concerns when it comes to menopause symptoms. They will also help you future proof your health for many years to come. However stress, depression, lack of sleep, brain fog, memory loss, mood swings, declining libido, worries about how to deal with your symptoms in the workplace and a decline in self-confidence due to hormone havoc can all contribute to mental and physical concerns during the menopausal years.

The Change Plan aims to tackle all of these issues using easy to implement nutrition advice, 4 months of workout plans to get you into great shape, expert opinions and a private Facebook group where members can ask for help and support one another, because we are stronger together.

If you have spent a lifetime of ‘dieting’ now is the time to stop. This programme is not about restricting foods but about introducing new tastes and choosing meals that will not only provide you with great nutritional value but also help to balance your hormones as your body changes.

The Change Plan is about building strength, both physically and mentally, so you can face whatever life throws at you. This truly is a top to toe approach.

The private members Facebook page is a positive space where we inspire, support and uplift one another, and have a bit of fun along the way because sometimes you just have to laugh at mother nature!

We encourage you to interact with other members so you always have someone to talk to and ask ‘Is it just me or is anyone else having this problem?’

If you want to feel fitter, stronger, healthier (in body and mind), more confident, in control and motivated to make positive changes that will benefit you for years to come, read on.

When you sign up to The Change Plan you will get well researched and relevant advice to help you take a step by step approach to changing your life. The plan assumes nothing and can cater for complete exercise novices.

So, what do you get when you join?

  • The nutrition lowdown – practical and sustainable nutrition advice
  • 4 months worth of exercise plans and videos to keep you strong and healthy – resistance training, HIIT & Yoga
  • Goal setting advice and support
  • Advice on what symptoms to expect and natural coping mechanisms
  • Beauty and style advice to address your changing shape, skin and hair
  • Advice on how to deal with your menopause in the workplace
  • Access to the The Change Plan programme for as long as you need it, so you can go back at any time and look at the information, including any updates
  • Membership of the private members Facebook group

The Change Plan consists of a four step process to help you ease your symptoms, increase your confidence and take back control of your body.

Menopause and its related symptoms is a BIG topic. So each step of the programme will focus on a different area. The body is complex and you will soon see just how interrelated everything is. But we don’t want to overwhelm you so we are going to take it in bite sized chunks because above all we want you to feel in control!

  • Step 1 - EAT
  • Step 2 - MOVE
  • Step 3 - EMBRACE
  • Step 4 - EVOLVE

We are going to make it as easy as possible for you to eat a healthy balanced diet by giving you the essential information you need to make better choices that will help keep you in the best shape and limit your symptoms. You will receive easy to follow nutrition advice covering:

  • Micro & macro nutrients – what are they and why do they matter?
  • Healthy eating food shopping advice
  • The importance of loving your gut

One of the biggest issues women face after menopause is Osteoporosis and that is why you need to keep your bones and muscles in tip top condition.

Our focused 4 month functional fitness training plan will consist of two resistance programmes (we want to build muscle to keep your bones strong and burn more fat) with full video instruction, aimed at taking you from a total novice to feeling confident about picking up weights for a workout.

You will also receive two ‘Hot Flush’ High Intensity Interval Training bodyweight video workouts to get the heart rate up, burn fat and increase your metabolism.

Finally you will also receive a monthly yoga video to help you stretch out, relax and de-stress.

We have structured the programme so it is flexible enough for you to fit what you can into your busy schedule at a time convenient to you.

It’s time to embrace your body and the changes it’s going through. Let us introduce you to the hormones that play key roles in managing your menopause symptoms, explain what they do and why it’s important to keep them in great shape. Many of the symptoms experienced during the menopausal years are as a result of hormonal imbalances and whilst sometimes it is not possible to get rid of symptoms all together we will offer you some practical natural solutions to make coping with them much more bearable.

As we age our skin tone and hair texture changes, the grey hairs creep in and sometimes we lose our way with how to dress our changing shapes. Our experts are on hand to help offer some great tips on how to adapt to, rather than fight, these changes and evolve your look so you can feel fabulous no matter what your age. Many women now continue working into their 50s and 60s and their menopause symptoms can cause embarrassment in the workplace. The Change Plan will offer you practical advice on how to address these issues with employers.

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Join us and learn how to look after your body, take back control, embrace change and love life

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